Aug. 4th, 2016

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Aug. 4th, 2016 03:23 pm
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  • Wed, 21:01: Bad Guy empties gun at Superman, to no avail. He throws gun, hits him. S: ARGH! My one weakness! BG: Really? S: That was super-sarcasm.
  • Wed, 21:29: RT @Politics_PR: Remember When Reagan Gave Iran 1,500 Missiles for Hostages #p2 #tcot
  • Wed, 21:41: RT @neonnurse: I love living in the future!
  • Wed, 21:41: RT @smoothkobra: Looks like a significant amount of Bernie support came from conservatives who hated Clinton. Figures
  • Wed, 22:12: One of the cable stations is showing STAND BY ME— only it's "New"! I wonder what sort of twists they've put into this classic now?
  • Wed, 22:13: RT @dril: ME: please show me the posts in the order that they were made COMPUTER: thats too hard. heres some tweets i think are good. Do yo…
  • Wed, 22:45: (Hey, GOP! Why not just substitute William Shatner for Trump? Nobody will notice, and how could he be worse?)
  • Wed, 23:08: RT @saladinahmed: trina robbins is a trailblazing legend (google her!) and everyone who cares about women in comics owes her a debt https:/…
  • Wed, 23:09: RT @msdanifernandez: Clint Eastwood, voting for trump, said we're all too PC. No we arent u racist saggy old balled meltin skin lookin grim…
  • Wed, 23:44: I thought FOX News wasn't about living in the past, but here's Dennis Miller, and the writing on the screen says, "Comedian."
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