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I just saw something that to me, and I would think to most Tintin fans, dropped my jaw and filled me with wholehearted admiration. This unofficial (fan) title sequence for "The Adventures of Tintin" stylishly quotes plot devices of all 24 Tintin adventures, including the last, unfinished story.

Simply brilliant. One hopes that the movie might live up to the sense of wonder that this ignited in me for its graphic elegance. Just watch it here. It's a minute twelve:

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.

He gets it. He really gets it.

Thanks to my friend Amid at Cartoon Brew for putting this in front of my eyes.

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Okay, I'm not so tired now, so here's a slightly longer Fischerkösen post, edited from a comment at bOINGbOING:

A great animated ad (from Hans Fischerkösen, in 1930s Germany) for a grocery store chain based in Köln, with pigs inspecting the pork and happy sausages peeling off and diving onto the conveyer belt to be sliced up. [Note: Vaguely racist images of third-world peoples are included at no extra price!] ps: That fly's not getting any sausage. They're using cellophane, the wonder material!

more Fischerkösen after der jump )
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I finished straightening out my iPod/iTunes, having gone through about 18000 tracks. It's good to be finished.

I discovered the Auburn Trail, or rediscovered it. It was the Auburn Line until about 90 years ago, and now it's a walking trail, interrupted only by the Erie Canal and some homeowners who blockade the path with piles of branches and brush in an attempt to annex this public thoroughfare to their back yard. Now I understand that the big ol' piling in the middle of the canal where Knickerbocker comes out was the railroad bridge. I walked on another part of this same trail just over two years ago when we moved here and were living briefly in an apartment. All in all, it's 24 miles long, or 42, or something like that. I'm already forgetting the stuff I've looked up about it. Because it's late.

Sarah finished school today. My schedule will now shift to a later stratum of time for the summer. But I'm still tired, and I skipped my stretches today just to get through LJ. Also missed the nap I usually take, and probably some other stuff. I gave two quotes on potential jobs today. It'd be nice if one of them would work out. It's good to earn some money.

I spent some time talking to a technician from Sony about why the Reader software opens on my computer but then doesn't open a window or in any other way make itself useful. The Reader they sent me to replace my other one seems to have the right sort of battery life, anyway.

Say, I was going to post about this separately, but I'll just toss it out and then go brush my teeth and lie down for a few hours. WFMU is going to present a bunch of Firesign Theatre Radio Hours. They have an informative post about that right here. With some audio clips (music only, as far as I've found so far). Note the links to streaming shows: two of them are up so far. I put a link to that in my toolbar where I'll see it when I'm awake.

Speaking of music, here's a link from bOINGbOING to some Jay Ward music cues. I have a bunch of these on my iPod, having carefully transcribed them from VHS tapes of the show. Great stuff.

I reposted a handful of links to Fischerkösen animated ads (dating as far back as the 1930s in Germany). This 2006 comment from Making Light has links. I hope they're still good.

Right. I'm off now.

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