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Feb. 19th, 2011 12:52 pm
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Brought Sarah in early for principal's photo op with some kids. Exercised at the Y, then went in to finish up the animation (having spent eight hours or so already, I hoped four more would finish it). Due to some event, the only parking space was next to a bozo who was about a foot over the line. I had to pull up onto the snow and ice by the curb to leave some room. I had a bad feeling about it, so I took photos. Four and a half hours later, I found new dings on my car, on the side the bozo was on. Bozo had moved the clown car, reparking it to be only three inches over the line. Very clever. I took new photos and hurried home to be there for Sarah. Animation finished: 45 seconds total.


It had unsnowed in the night. A lot. There was green stuff all over the yard. Temperatures of around 50, combined with morning drizzle and persistent gusts of wind from the west were taking snow off like a giant hair dryer. I heard my trash barrel come rolling up the driveway. Our neighbor across the street was collecting barrels and taking them to their owners. I thanked her, then went a few doors down and got the recycling container as well.

Spoke to nice campus officers. Brought photos on a CD. The officer had to leave suddenly to help someone having anaphylactic shock, so I made my way back to the office and filled out the form. Took a walk just as temperature started to cool down, staying in what sun remained as much as I could.


Unsnow went away. Everything's white again, including the air, where 50 mph gusts keep snow moving around. We made two-car cavalcade through slippery streets to take the Element in for service. I missed a turnoff, but when I got to the dealer, no Cathy. They told me she'd called, and the Element was in a ditch. I talked to her. She was okay, as was the car. She was waiting for a tow truck. Sarah and I headed home.

Called campus police again in response to a phone message, and while I had him there, ascertained that the victim from yesterday's anaphylactic incident was okay. Played some levels of Mario on Sarah's DS. Worked on postcard for library. Will soon get back to worklike activities. And DS.
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Yesterday, Sarah wanted cheesy eggs and bacon again. I had her gather ingredients while I finished unloading and loading the dishwasher -- it's so much better to cook in a clean kitchen -- and things started as usual. This time, she wanted to crack eggs. Just one, she said, but I had her crack two of the three (I'd already broken the first one). Then she started the scrambling. I had her start the microwave with the bacon in it as she had me finishing the scrambling, and then I had her put cheese on the plates for the eggs to go on top. Just one egg for me this time, as I'm getting no thinner.

When it was all done with, she ended up only eating one egg as well. That's life.

This morning, I was doing boring old morning stuff when I was informed that Sarah had made bacon and eggs already, with Cathy standing by. A little firmer than I make them, but perfectly acceptable and tasty eggs. Sarah is learning to cook.

In other news, back when we were still in Virginia, I told Cathy I had decided my midlife crisis car would be a Honda Element. Three days ago, we closed on a red 2006 Element that I might call Mao. Sarah, who has been an Element fan since she learned of my interest, likes it because it's kind of like a van and it has great back seat legroom. It's the first car we've had with Automatic. I guess I can deal with that. It has four-wheel drive for those weather emergency days. My god, I have an SUV. Now I have to be saintly in my driving conduct to try and counteract the bad rep all those other drivers have given us SUV drivers.

I've also had a busy week designing a web page for the Friends of the Library here, working on a couple of books, and participating in the "Art Ambassador" program at Sarah's school. This was the Faith Ringgold unit. The next one will be Winsor McCay: my unit.

And now I will head for bed.
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Been doing fairly okay since the return. I finished a second job that not only will put some money in the (well, read on), but it was sort of absorbing as well. I kind of had that feeling that I was working and enjoying it, all at the same time.

Sarah's been hustling on the soccer field. At Thursday's game, she kicked one from in front of her own goal that went all the way across the field and into the other goal. It's a small field, but then they're pretty small goal nets. Today was a real game, and though the Purple Butterflies looked pretty formidable and kept the ball on our end of the field much of the time, their goal kicks just didn't go in as much of the time, and the Purple Dolphins won 5-2, ending with a goal from our Sarah (as opposed to the other team's version of Sarah).

But I see I have skipped Thursday evening and Friday. Thursday evening, the battery light was showing when I drove home from soccer. Friday, I decided to have lunch 'out' (having consumed most of the luncheon items here), and forgot all about the battery. The light wasn't on, though, and I didn't think of it again until after the radio went septic. Then the turn signal stopped working and I decided I'd best head right home. The odometer went. I tested the wiper, and it worked -- very slowly. A mile from home, the fuel gauge and tachyometer had conked out. I had one traffic light to cross, but before it could turn, the car stopped running. I'd made it most of the way, anyway.

I hopped out and told the truck behind me that my car had died, without even the blinker working. They nodded and went around me. A guy in an SUV asked if I needed help, and watched traffic to the rear while I took the brake off and coasted backwards into the side street, then gave me a lift home.

I must have said something out loud about having earned that money. The car managed to take about half of it away from me.

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