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We were in China for about two and a half weeks. You might have noticed I wasn't around! Since getting back, I wasn't around because of some major jobs I had to finish. One is now done and the other was done enough that I have taken a day off to just gibber a lot and get my photos organized.

I finished organizing a photoset taken from the almost 5,000 snaps on the trip — which include duplicates of the majority of shots, because I can't go back for retakes. I would take two or three (sometimes four) of a subject, shifting a little to the right in between, so that I'd get at least one decent shot out of it, and if I got two, I'd have a stereo pair. I also took a lot of pictures from moving buses, and if I find the time to get rid of all the ones like that that didn't come out, my hard drive will sigh happily and stand a little straighter.

Anyway, the first photoset was about 350 pictures. Nobody will look at that. So I went through and pulled the cream from that set and made a subset of 120 pictures. One in a hundred will look at that, and I don't feel like cutting down another one, so there we are. For the other 99, here's a sampling:

0862 Photo op
Here we are, climbing the Great Wall in 97° heat. The guard stations are cooler inside, especially if there's a breeze, but my party never wanted to stop inside, except when they met the donkey and wanted to pet it.

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More at China, July 2011 and not quite so much more at China 2011 in Brief!

family day

Mar. 24th, 2009 08:24 am
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Six years ago, on the other side of the planet, they handed us a baby. I am still awed that such a thing could happen, no matter how many forms we filled out, biographies we wrote, pictures we took, fingerprints we allowed, interviews we underwent, and months we waited. They gave us Sarah. Thanks, China. Thanks, everybody.

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Thanks, Cathy, for your diligent and committed work on getting it all done right. Thanks, Sarah, for being a great kid. Thanks, Frances, for being such a kid-tolerant cat.

My heart, as they say, is full.


Oct. 21st, 2007 07:05 pm
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Since flickr is still determined to be the photo-sharing service that jealously guards my photos against intruders from the outside world who would, by invitation, view my photos, I will post most of my teapot set here.

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