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Quite a weekend. We drove down to Kitty Hawk on Saturday, and spent the night at a Ramada. Sarah didn't go down quietly or early, but she still managed to rise at 4:30, noisily. We visited the beach in the howling wind, watching the foam, and Sarah and I had a dip in the pool. After that we all had a nice visit with Jay and Karen and Kally and Jelena (sp?). Then the ride home started off well enough, with Sarah soon falling asleep. She woke when Cathy took over driving and was quite the needy one thereafter. So it was quite a weekend. Monday, Sarah was sick and woke up at 4:30 again. Today she wasn't so sick, but she still woke up at 4:30. Tonight might be my turn, so I think I'll turn in early. Cathy handled the last two.
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In the 80s, Condominiums were the big thing. I called them "The Slums of Tomorrow." We seriously considered one for our 'starter home.'

Anyway, when I drive to work on either of my two most frequent routes nowadays (I-64 being impractical, due to prolonged construction: pour, rip up, repeat), I see a rectangular building roughly two stories tall. If I drive on 39th Street (which becomes Pembroke, where I work), I pass the building from the front. Looks like a business that wound up being used as a house. Back when I first noticed it, it had a porch or patio up on the top floor in back, visible from 664, running parallel and higher than 39th. Seemed seedy, but there was something appealing about the back of the top floor.

That's gone now. For the last year or two, whoever owns the place has embarked on a half-assedly ambitious plan to add a floor to the building, using cheap-looking plywood and I don't know what else. Maybe whoever was doing it ran out of money or something and had to stop progress. I see there's a broken window on the top floor front -- not a good sign. At any rate, it looks like a scary crappy wooden skyscraper out of one of my long-ago dreams. The terrace in back has been engulfed in the new top floor and pitched roof, sort of like the way the old building was incorporated into the new building that became the hotel we stayed at in Florence. You could see the roof embedded in a wall; not removed, just absorbed.

It's just weird and goofy. I show it to visitors from out of town sometimes. It's on the same stretch as the speedy mart with the sign showing a kid running, and the speed lines are in front of him. It's right on the way to my office anyway. I tell my visitors that until I saw this, I had thought slums occurred when buildings got old. I didn't know that people actually built new slums.

on the road

Nov. 6th, 2004 06:23 am
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Since I'm taking care of Sarah by myself today and tomorrow, I took some time off work yesterday so I could read a comic book and eat some sunflower seeds. Mission accomplished! Then I headed over to pick up Sarah.

As I stopped for a red light on J. Clyde Morris Blvd., a sound and movement caught my eye. The sound was of two white cars smacking one another, the movement was the after effect, where the car in front did a complete 180 degree turn and ended up facing the other car. Drivers came out and looked at their vehicles. The left turn signal that the second car had come through gave way to the regular green and my lane started moving.

Here's what struck me (hm) as odd, though. Less than a minute had passed since the sound of the impact, and as I started up, I could see that a tow truck was already on the scene. Huh?

My best theory is that an accident had already happened and the car from the lane next to mine (car 2) had sailed right into that. Hard to say, though, with any certainty. And by the time Sarah and I drove past the scene, there wasn't any sign of anybody at the intersection. Maybe Rod Serling will come along and explain it.
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Took today off work. I was driving down the interstate, at the prevailing speed (not the fastest or the slowest). I sped up a little, and at that moment, what should I see but a state trooper in the median. All the blood in my body went somewhere else (another dimension, perhaps; I didn't see it in the car), causing my foot to lift from the accelerator. 65 now. What was the limit again? Oh yeah, 55! I slowed down some more, reaching 60 from above, and saw the patrol car detach from its lurking spot and drift along behind me, at which point I was chanting obscenities fast enough that it sounded like Morse Code.

The car came alongside. Having no desire to prolong it any, I looked over to see what might be my fate. The officer gave me a little wave. He continued accelerating and went in front of me. Was this it? I kept watching him, and he went on over to the exit and departed the roadway, leaving me driving like a proverbial little old lady for the rest of the trip.

Perhaps that explains my subsequent need for Geritol?
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We're here because good communication is essential. I sometimes think cars should be able to call each other. Just dial the license plate. Since you can't (and probably that's a good thing), I have called this session. Who wants an explanation?

Yes, you: Why did I honk at you? Because you knocked yourself out to get in front of me when there was a whole block of empty road behind me, and once you were there you slowed down to 5 miles an hour below the speed limit. What's that? If the speed limit is safe, then going slower must be even safer? You need help. Next?

You over there: What was I saying? I presume you're referring to the incident where you cut me off and after I labored behind you for a block, during which time you slowed down and sped up randomly, I finally managed to pass you. At that point, I said something, and you -- no lip reader -- were hollering "What did you say? WHAT DID YOU SAY??" Really, does it matter what I said? Would anything I said have caused a light bulb to go off over your head and realize that you are a moron and shouldn't be allowed out without learning that you're not the only one on the road? I don't actually remember what I said, but what if it was, "Get Wildroot Cream Oil, Charlie!"? Does that not satisfy you, or should I make up something else?

One more. Nobody? There were other hands up when I started. No one? Okay, see you later.

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