Jul. 7th, 2010 03:25 pm
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Driving home from the YMCA, I was third at the light. It turned green, and there was a loud noise, and the car ahead of me didn't move. I cautiously went around it and saw that some lumber and a toolbox and I'm not sure what else had stayed in place while the car they were in had moved expeditiously forward. I was careful not to hit the two guys from the car, which sat by the road as they ran back to pick up their stuff. One hopes they put it back in a more sensible way.

Then I got onto Knickerbocker. I slowed down to try and see the sign on the entrance to Auburn Trail, but had to keep going because of a car behind me. Then I saw a big ol' gobbler strutting along between the field of Knickerbocker Farm and the road. I pulled over as soon as I could, but the bird had already made itself invisible in the crop, which I estimate to be higher than my knees and maybe lower than my butt. I walked on to look at the sign, which said the trail was suspended between Knickerbocker and Mill while they work on issues (like the guy who has the trail blocked off so he can try to annex it into his back yard). Walking back, I was keenly ware of the 90°F hotness of the day.

So, to sum up: three turkeys. Four, if you count the guy who's blocking the trail.
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Cathy's at a convention for five days. Sarah and I got her to her plane and then drove around Rochester a bit (I need to see if Google Street View will show me that little place with the columns out front) and then hurried over to the pediatrician for her appointment, arriving exactly on time. After we did what we'd come for, I asked about an issue near to Sarah's heart — can she dispense of the booster seat in the car? We got an affirmative and went for it. Sarah happy.

Then we went to thrift shop row where I looked for an electric clock to replace the one I've had for about 35 years (30 of them without the glass crystal, which broke early on). It started making noises that presaged a breakdown, and I retired it against the hope it might be fixable if I don't let it go until the windings in the motor melt down. All I could find were the typical, noisy modern wall clocks with their AA battery and ticking sound. I don't mind having one upstairs or in the bathroom, but I wouldn't care to have one four feet from my chair all day. I did see some VCRs, and since the Magnavox recently went down (taking with it a lovely jog shuttle — two, counting the one on the remote — that gave me fine control in looking at cartoons frame by frame), followed shortly after by the no-name VCR that used to be in the bedroom that I brought in here to replace the Magnavox, I decided to take a chance on one of them, shelling out $10 for it.

Home again, where we learned that Cathy's flight had been cancelled. By the time we knew that, she called and said she had taken two other flights and arrived safely. We had some lunch, then Sarah went out and played a while, and then we went to the Y, where I caught up on my exercises. After that we looked for non-ticking clocks at Target, Best Buy, Staples, Sears, the Bon Ton, and Macy's. So we gave up and headed for the food court, but I saw clocks on the wall of a jewelry store, including a Seiko whose second hand sweeps silently around a rather elegant face that actually complements my glass-and-metal computer desk.

Then we finally ate. Johnny Rocket has nice strawberry malteds and chili cheese dog sliders. Sarah had an egg salad sandwich with side salad. I put a nickel in the jukebox and we ate at the counter. We headed home and tried to remold Sarah's mouth guard. No luck. We'll look for a new one.

So tomorrow it'll be Soccer first. Then we might go to the sushi event at Wegman's, first stopping off to refill the gas tank and (a special treat for Sarah) drive through a car wash if it's not rainy. I finked out on my stretches this evening (also missed my normal walk, but I think we made it up at the mall) to get the VCR set up, and it has a jog shuttle on the unit and though there's no wheel on the remote, it does have frame-by-frame control. Seems to work, and it was a pretty advanced model for its time. If it doesn't eat tapes, it's golden.

Night, all.

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Jun. 23rd, 2010 12:34 pm
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Today was the first day of having to get Sarah organized when I go to the Y for my fake miles. Before I could ask her, the phone rang: Lulu was asking if she could come over and have lunch at their house. Problem solved! I made sure there was a parent home (turns out nobody answered the phone because it's on the blink) and proceeded Y-ward.

I set up first on one of the cardio machines with its own TV screen and pushed the button until I saw the World Cup. As a soccer dad, I now find one sport interesting (apart from dog frisbee and figure skating), so I watched it on Univision with the captions off, as they tended to cover up the ball. When I finished there I went to a bike where the game was visible on ESPN, where the screen was bigger so the subtitles, over which I had no control, only covered up the names of players who were getting a card.

By the time I'd reached my usual quota of three miles, the game had twelve minutes to go. What the hey. I kept pedaling. It reached 90 minutes and the still scoreless game was given four more minutes to play. When Donovan scored his goal, I gave a silent clap.

So this is what I've come to. Pedaling an exercise bike and responding involuntarily at the sight of 'my' athletic team scoring a goal. Perhaps I could also have poured my bottle of water all over my head while shouting 'hoo!', but I only think of these things when it's too late.

Also, I ended up going six 'miles.' I weighed myself on the way out, and for the first time since I've started, I was below 218. I've been as high as 220 on that scale, so 217 is very encouraging.
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I finished straightening out my iPod/iTunes, having gone through about 18000 tracks. It's good to be finished.

I discovered the Auburn Trail, or rediscovered it. It was the Auburn Line until about 90 years ago, and now it's a walking trail, interrupted only by the Erie Canal and some homeowners who blockade the path with piles of branches and brush in an attempt to annex this public thoroughfare to their back yard. Now I understand that the big ol' piling in the middle of the canal where Knickerbocker comes out was the railroad bridge. I walked on another part of this same trail just over two years ago when we moved here and were living briefly in an apartment. All in all, it's 24 miles long, or 42, or something like that. I'm already forgetting the stuff I've looked up about it. Because it's late.

Sarah finished school today. My schedule will now shift to a later stratum of time for the summer. But I'm still tired, and I skipped my stretches today just to get through LJ. Also missed the nap I usually take, and probably some other stuff. I gave two quotes on potential jobs today. It'd be nice if one of them would work out. It's good to earn some money.

I spent some time talking to a technician from Sony about why the Reader software opens on my computer but then doesn't open a window or in any other way make itself useful. The Reader they sent me to replace my other one seems to have the right sort of battery life, anyway.

Say, I was going to post about this separately, but I'll just toss it out and then go brush my teeth and lie down for a few hours. WFMU is going to present a bunch of Firesign Theatre Radio Hours. They have an informative post about that right here. With some audio clips (music only, as far as I've found so far). Note the links to streaming shows: two of them are up so far. I put a link to that in my toolbar where I'll see it when I'm awake.

Speaking of music, here's a link from bOINGbOING to some Jay Ward music cues. I have a bunch of these on my iPod, having carefully transcribed them from VHS tapes of the show. Great stuff.

I reposted a handful of links to Fischerkösen animated ads (dating as far back as the 1930s in Germany). This 2006 comment from Making Light has links. I hope they're still good.

Right. I'm off now.
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I started cutting the straps on a big box that some men had brought over a day or so ago. Sarah showed up and wanted to help. I lifted the top off and wrestled the contents out onto the floor. I put the hardware bits on my piano and skimmed the instruction book and its precautions.
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