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Too many of us put these things off until it's too late. Thanks to Frank Lesser at the Huffington Post, we have a timely reminder that now is the time to make out a Living Dead will
ITEM 4 (A). In the event that I am bitten by a vampire, not in conjunction with Item 1, do not exhume and stake my corpse. Additionally, do not trick me into feeding on a beautiful girl until morning and then pull the drawn curtains so I burn to ashes, and do not question the strange wounds appearing on the necks of beautiful women who seem to have suddenly developed severe and inexplicable anemia. My health care proxy is instructed only to do the following:
1. Run a prepared obituary that doesn't mention my unnaturally extended life.
2. Start leaving her windows open at night.

ITEM 4 (B). If it's a gay vampire who bites me, that's cool, I'm willing to be open-minded in exchange for eternal life, but please mention in my obituary that while I was alive I slept with tons of chicks.
Some things are hard to do. For instance, it was hard to pull out just one quote, and not reprint the whole thing here. Okay, I guess some people will say that's two quotes, but it's just for scholarly interest, or parody, or something.
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Before we take our jack-o-lantern to the forest to feed woodland critters, I wanted to do something. Something... creative! This morning, with Sarah in the house (all day), I got around to it, enlarging the hole in the back that I made for the insertion of one of those electric window candles until I could take pictures through it.

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For Sarah, that is. For me, it's been somewhat more.

On Monday, she had a sore throat and stayed home, but since I was committed to the pledge drive at WFCR, Cathy worked around her schedule to stay home and have a mother-and-daughter day. I learned the ropes to be a volunteer supervisor and supervised the 11-1 shift.

Tuesday was a normal sort of day, with the morning routine getting later and later. I'm trying to forestall those $500 energy bills by taking shorter showers and shaving afterward instead of during. I also close off the den and heat it with a space heater during the day. The thermostat's in here, so that effectively shuts off the heat in the rest of the house, except the basement, which is always warm because it's where the water heater is. I've contemplated moving operations downstairs, but haven't so far.

Wednesday, Sarah was home all day again for another teacher conference day. It went about like last Wednesday, with things going fairly well until I snap and yell at Sarah, then feel terrible about it. We had lunch at Friendly's, which took a fair-sized chunk out of the middle of the day, because our order was late. I spent much of the afternoon getting her pumpkin ready for its light, scooping and scraping to get the possibly flammable fiber debris out. I used one of our electric candles for it, and didn't want to take any chances. Sarah got into her lion costume after supper and Cathy took her over to go trick-or-treat with Traigh and company. She overcame her hesitation and covered much of two streets while I stayed in and handed candy out to the marauding bands of kids whose parents drive them over here from Springfield every year. We didn't get as many as I expected, probably because there weren't as many houses lit up on this end of the street.

Yesterday the morning delays resulted in our arriving at the bus stop as the bus pulled away. Actually, I met them halfway up the block and flashed my lights at the driver, who obligingly stopped for us. Then I did another shift at the pledge drive, back to my humble berth as an operator. It was a slow pledge day, at that.

This morning I tried to get Sarah moving. She was hoping that by watching TV really hard, her juice box, ice pack, snack, and folder for important papers would all assemble themselves in her backpack, which would then stand by the door for her. I nagged persistently to get each step accomplished, and we piled into the car. I scraped the windows perfunctorily, leaving stripes between the frost for me to see out of. We drove a few yards and Sarah announced that the folder wasn't in her pack. Wackiness ensued. After I dropped her off, kissed her and waved bye, I brought the car back and took my morning walk, with my headphones cozy and quiet in my pocket as usual. The birds were noticeably quiet in the 30-degree morning, so I mostly heard traffic and a train down by the river, and trees quietly applauding the breeze.

Soon the weekend will start. We're going out for sushi tonight.

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Orson Welles as Dracula (mp3 file of Mercury Theater at

War of the Worlds (yes, that one; also at archive)

Let's just save time and pass along the rest of the Mercury Theater page at, shall we? Includes "Treasure Island," "Seventeen," "The Man Who Was Thursday," and others.

One more Mercury Theater link: Les Miserables. In seven parts. All it needs is some snappy musical numbers!

Might as well include this -- in 1938, they picked up a sponsor and became The Campbell Playhouse, and kept doing shows. There are lots of shows here, including The Magnificent Ambersons, Dinner at Eight, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Lost Horizon, Mutiny on the Bounty, and Rebecca.

But I plan to listen to Dracula first. Tonight, maybe, before I go to sleep.
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It's Halloween, the night that spirits and witches and goblins and power rangers and Nemos and M&Ms walk the neighborhood.

In addition, there was one duck. Or rather, a little girl in a duck costume. And instead of walking, she was either riding in her wagon (being pulled by me) or insisting on being carried, while I pulled the wagon. We covered perhaps two blocks of our street. Actually, we went a little more than a block in one direction, but back at our end of the cul-de-sac, I wanted to be sure and visit all our immediate neighbors, and getting to the ends of their driveways accounted for the rest of the distance I mentioned.

Sarah did not mince words, or even use any. Typically, she's shy in front of people for ten or fifteen minutes, and we weren't standing on anybody's doorstep long enough, so I did all the "trick or treat" and "thank you" business. We started out in the newly twilighty five o'clock hour, when we had arranged to hook up with our neighbors across the street and string along with their group. I got there a half minute too late, and... well, everybody's wearing costumes, see, so I basically hooked up with whoever was going the same way. A neighbor gave us a light stick. I didn't discern who it was, it being halfway dark by that time. I carried the digital camera along. It has fairly impressive light-gathering power, even though it wants to use the flash 99% of the time. It's also a bit of a burden when trying to negotiate a child and a wagon and goodies. Also, every time I picked Sarah up (which was whenever she asked, which was frequently), my earphones were ripped out of my head again. I took the hint and put them away.

Cathy stayed at home to hand out largesse. I told her, if anybody asked why we didn't decorate our house and yard to scare the neighborhood, to tell them that's what the Kerry sign is for. I hope the fact ours is the only one on our street is more a reflection of how hard it was to get our sign. The Kerry HQ here is supposedly on 28th Street, downtown, but our foray up and down that street showed nothing that was admitting to any partisan activities of any sort. There were yard signs visible, but it seemed like it might be poor ettiquette to swipe some. But I see I am digressing.

A block away from our house, on the other side of the street, the real Halloween house was having a party. They have had their decorations up for a while, and it's a mini-Disneyland of figures and dioramas. Cathy says the lady of the house was down at our end of the street this morning in pajamas, feeding frosted doughnuts to the ducks. She (not Cathy) estimated they would have about 200 people at the party. I hear they had a fire engine there last year. Sorry I missed that. They served food and beverages, and Sarah and I had a hot dog before pressing onward. I snapped what will undoubtedly turn out to be motion-blurred pictures of the vibrant displays. As I say, the camera has great power to gather light, but the darker it gets, the more one needs a tripod. In my case, one needs to find the damn tripod or admit defeat and buy another. One is so stubborn sometimes.

Anyway, we had lots of nice little visits with folks up and down the street. I met one of our newest neighbors, who turns out to be a non-observer of the evening, so I welcomed him to the neighborhood and mentioned the thing about porch lights and trick-or-treaters. Not sure if it took or not. Sarah and I were getting a little tired, and my arms were getting achy, but we... okay, I... wanted to complete our survey by seeing all the more-or-less adjacent houses to ours. This may have been a good move for another reason as well, in that Shirley snapped a picture of Sarah and me, and it might be the only one of the evening that shows her well. It's certain to be the only one with me in it. She'll let me have a copy of the file. Sarah, despite her general silence, finally said two words to our neighbor Cindy at our final stop. Cindy asked her what ducks say, and Sarah obliged with a pair of quacks.

We got home as a couple of kids on the porch seemed about to give up. Maybe Cathy was indisposed. I stepped inside and handed them each a couple of Milky Way minis, which turned out to be a double ration. After that, Sarah was happy to help hand out goodies, until she was scared by a boy in a ghost costume. She was probably more scared of the boy than the costume. We continued to answer the door through dinner. Then, when we started putting Sarah to bed, I went and turned off the porch light. A couple of minutes later, I saw some more kids across the street, so I turned the light on until they came and got theirs. They turned out to be the group we had started out with, so it sort of brought us full circle. Or something.

It appears that Sarah approves of this holiday. Having people give her stuff wherever she went probably reminded her of her first several months here, when it seemed like every day brought more presents. Anyway, she's on line for next year, when she will undoubtedly have a little more to say.

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