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New entry at <a href="">the New Pals Club Web-Log</a> concerning the final two figure drawings from my class this semester past. To recap: first real drawing instruction I can recall, at the college level. Naked people. And I shook the hand that shook the hand of Ed Gein.
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I made this form when I was an academic secretary, and updated it recently so it wouldn't look like it came off of a dot-matrix printer.

student message form

It's available as a 4-up letter-sized (8.5 x 11") PDF, via me.
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The Keith Haring project went well. That was our first Art Ambassador unit of the year (two to go), and after much careful planning (followed by getting the careful plan rejected and making another one; repeat), we had a procedure. I'd show a video to each grade at lunchtime — we were going to show five or ten minutes of video, but I found that two and a half was a perfect length for the kids — then tell them when they go out for recess to stop over at the outside gym wall (not the wall ball wall, though) and add to the drawing I'd started earlier that morning. They drew and drew. It was great.

I was at Sarah's school from before 9:30 until after 1:30. After that, I had to take her to the dentist for a thrilling root canal. (Literally: "thrill" comes from the same root (ow) as "drill.") I was going to go back the next day for a repeat of the playground part, but the rain saved me, and I did homework instead. Anyway, here's a flickr set of the whole thing, with 42 photos and a short movie. My longer movies exceeded the 90-second limit of the service, but I was able to include a walk-past of one wall, anyway.
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Yesterday, Sarah wanted cheesy eggs and bacon again. I had her gather ingredients while I finished unloading and loading the dishwasher -- it's so much better to cook in a clean kitchen -- and things started as usual. This time, she wanted to crack eggs. Just one, she said, but I had her crack two of the three (I'd already broken the first one). Then she started the scrambling. I had her start the microwave with the bacon in it as she had me finishing the scrambling, and then I had her put cheese on the plates for the eggs to go on top. Just one egg for me this time, as I'm getting no thinner.

When it was all done with, she ended up only eating one egg as well. That's life.

This morning, I was doing boring old morning stuff when I was informed that Sarah had made bacon and eggs already, with Cathy standing by. A little firmer than I make them, but perfectly acceptable and tasty eggs. Sarah is learning to cook.

In other news, back when we were still in Virginia, I told Cathy I had decided my midlife crisis car would be a Honda Element. Three days ago, we closed on a red 2006 Element that I might call Mao. Sarah, who has been an Element fan since she learned of my interest, likes it because it's kind of like a van and it has great back seat legroom. It's the first car we've had with Automatic. I guess I can deal with that. It has four-wheel drive for those weather emergency days. My god, I have an SUV. Now I have to be saintly in my driving conduct to try and counteract the bad rep all those other drivers have given us SUV drivers.

I've also had a busy week designing a web page for the Friends of the Library here, working on a couple of books, and participating in the "Art Ambassador" program at Sarah's school. This was the Faith Ringgold unit. The next one will be Winsor McCay: my unit.

And now I will head for bed.


Sep. 10th, 2009 08:08 am
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I meant to mention that I felt a tad silly taking pictures of Sarah getting on the bus for her first day, but did it anyway.

Later that day, I was going somewhere and at every bus stop I saw, there was a dad with a video camera, half-following the progeny as they boarded and watching the bus depart until it was out of sight. Now I just feel like I'm behind the times, Daddy-o.

dear diary

Sep. 9th, 2009 12:08 am
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Counted down to the end of summer. Sarah said she was looking forward to school, because she likes school. I said that was a good way to be. Much shopping was done, to prepare her for the demands of education. I went to her classroom for a prep session with the teacher, and volunteered for stuff. Art Ambassador (they'll be doing the unit I suggested on animation and Winsor McCay -- and the kids will do simple little animated gizmos), Science Action (I don't know yet which units), reading to the class (I'll bring scans of The Bear that Wasn't to project on the screen so they can appreciate the sight gags), and telling them what I do for a living.

On Monday, the last day before classes started, Sarah and I took a bike ride to Thornell Farm Park. She played a while (I took a movie of her making the circuit on the playground equipment) and then we rode home. I passed her on a long hill, so she had to get back in front of me. She cut it too close and got the pipe thing that sticks out from her back axle and we both became one with the pavement and our bikes and each other. "Where are you hurt?" I asked, and she said she was hardly hurt anywhere -- one elbow with a scrape about the size of a distorted dime. I had about a dollar's worth on my left knee. We were almost home anyway (a man in his driveway offered help, which we declined with thanks). We almost got in before she started crying, then Cathy was there to give first aid.

That evening was her first Chinese class with Miss Teresa (well, Missus, I guess, but everybody's Miss) at her home on Woodgreen. I got us there almost in time, but they fooled us by having two Woodgreens right next to each other. Some day, these will connect up. This reminds me that we drove out in somewhat the same direction to look at a bunk bed for Sarah, which met with everyone's approval. Her room should be painted (Cathy and Sarah are doing that) before it arrives.

This morning I put her on bus 420, with Brenda driving again. The schedule said she would come home on 400, but Brenda thought that might be a typo. I called the school and left a message telling them about the typo. Had a busy day after that -- talked to the author of the book I'm working on now, then went out to get a newsletter photo at the library, which led me logically to check the CDs for Bach's "St. Matthew's Passion." This led me to the catalog, which then had me end up at the main library in downtown Rochester, which is a nice library! I had an hour of free parking and barely managed to skim a quarter of the classical piano music after choosing a Matthew Passion, and after that I saw their used book shop and... well, I made it back to the car and hurried out the gate. I gave my ticket to the collector, not knowing if it would be free or $2 until she smiled and told me to have a good afternoon.

And then I realized I had to hurry home to wait for Sarah! I try to be home by 3:00, and it was twenty till when I remembered my parental duty. I acted quickly, getting onto 490 going the wrong way, and had to use the inner loop to get turned back around. It was maybe three minutes past three when I got in the house. Then I waited another 25 minutes before the bus came. It was 400 after all, which was interesting. Even more interesting, Sarah wasn't on it. Most likely because of me putting 420 in her head. The driver called, bus-to-bus, and spoke to Brenda, who rolled into view a couple of minutes later with my daughter.

She says she had a good day. Good.

Oh, yeah. Last night just before she went to bed, she came in here and gave me a hug and said "Thanks for a great summer." Sure, Cathy suggested it, but it was still sweet as all get-out.

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