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Jun. 29th, 2011 02:10 pm
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Last Saturday was the last game for Sarah's soccer team, the Pink Lightning. Next season, a new team, a new name. Sarah hopes fervently that it won't be pink. She hates pink these days. She wore a different shirt under her pink one, but she said it was because she didn't like how the pink one feels.

When we got to the field, there were eight players for the Lightning, and only five of the Blue Sharks (the only team who has beat us this season) had appeared. While I was doing something, Sarah was talking to the coaches, and when I looked up, she had shucked the pink and a blue shirt was revealed — not identical to the team shirt of the Sharks, but close enough. She played for them so they'd have enough members to field a team, and scored a goal on her teammates.

At the end, it was 2-2; a fine ending for the season! And without Sarah's initiative, there could not have been a game. Since Cathy was in New Orleans, I took her place as assistant coach, which mostly meant I was allowed to be on the field (and Cathy wasn't there to shoo me off of it).

I decided that I like seeing the game from the field. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about it, though.


Oct. 17th, 2010 03:27 pm
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Sarah and I were waiting for the ice rink at R.I.T. to open, so we wandered back outside where some students were setting up various hoops on poles. Sarah asked what they were doing, and I speculated that they might be about to play with radio-controlled model planes. Shortly after that, some balls were put on the ground, so we changed our guess to some form of sport.

After Sarah skated, we re-emerged, and there was a game in progress. There were lacrosse-like sticks. Also broom sticks. They were 'riding' the latter. Then it all clicked. The player with the top hat. The referee in purple robes. They were playing quidditch. I took some pictures and a brief movie with my phone and looked around for the golden snitch.

Comments from other onlookers told me that a Seeker was going around the building behind us. As Sarah and I went to the parking lot, I kept an eye out for him, hoping for another photo. He came running back, along with another Seeker and a female student wearing a goldenrod-colored shirt. Oh yeah: she was the Snitch.

Every now and then, I see or hear something that makes me feel that the future of this country will be in good hands. Today was one of those times.

new word

Sep. 12th, 2010 04:59 pm
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I took Sarah bowling today. In the second game, I seemed to find my groove with a strike that became a double. Did I dare hope for a Turkey? I got a third strike in a row, answering the question in the positive. Then I got a fourth consecutive strike. The monitor informed me that this was a "4-Bagger," a term I hadn't even had the occasion to wonder about before. If I had some friends here, they'd soon see how casually I'd be able to drop the word into unrelated conversations.
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With my daughter playing soccer (I even help some with coaching), I've become hip to the sport of Football, as the world calls it. But what other great sports are out there, waiting to be discovered?

How about the intersection of sex, violence, and comedy? Entirely by accident, whilst searching for information on El Santo, I happened to find Lucha VaVoom! Luchadores, comedians, and strippers — three of the major entertainment groups!

Sadly, it doesn't seem to be on TV. What good is a sport if I have to go somewhere else to see it? Perhaps this lapse will be fixed soon. If any of you find any TV listings, be sure and pass them along!

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