Dec. 28th, 2016

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Dec. 28th, 2016 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 13:06: RT @RubenBolling: Donald Trump the Monster. From way, way back in March.
  • Tue, 13:54: RT @arthur_affect: I guess for me the issue is I find it impossible to absolve or forgive Trump voters while still having any respect for t…
  • Tue, 13:55: RT @petemont: Remember when Trump told us he would self-finance his election and wouldn't owe anything to donors? Good times.
  • Tue, 14:52: RT @Marmel: A game: When you see a Trump blanket statement about the American People: Add "OR ELSE" to the quote. That's what's coming. #Re
  • Tue, 17:00: The Lux radio version of DOUBLE INDEMNITY has Stanwyck and MacMurray. Robinson's absent, but inspired casting for his part: William Conrad.
  • Tue, 18:30: RT @spacetwinks: i'll tell you this, bullies didn't stop bullying me when i gave them everything they wanted, or when i talked to them abou…
  • Tue, 18:30: RT @spacetwinks: bullies stopped bullying me when they felt like they had something to lose if they tried to trample me
  • Tue, 18:30: RT @spacetwinks: moreover, bullies were actually more likely to actually listen to me about my feelings, if they felt like they had somethi…
  • Tue, 19:57: Went on a binge today and ordered the six H. Allen Smith books I don't have. It used up my birthday check from Mom-in-law, exactly. Kismet.
  • Tue, 23:18: RT @ruckawriter: And now this. Think about this. They literally do not want us to know what they're doing, or who is responsible for doing…
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